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Love Ladder is now OPEN to add Authors unto itself.
We wish to widen our helping hands and see more smiling faces. If we become a small reason for someone's smiles, we would be the proudest of all.

So come, join us and be an Author.
Invite and encourage others to share the problems / issues they face.
Invite and encourage others to share their Joy and happiness with us.
Encourage others to advice and suggest in the form of comments.

Criteria to be added on :
1. You must be above age 25 (below 100 plz).
2. You must be Non judgmental and fair thinking by nature.
3. You must have a mature and practical outlook to life.
4. You have to have command over the English language.
5. If you are associated with NGOs and such organizations that can help in a more personal way if need be, you are welcome to join in.

The idea is noble, the cause non profitable.

If you would like to join in, send us a mail through the box given below.
1 Make sure you mention your real full name and email id.
2 Mention "To join as Author" in the subject box.
3 In the Msg box, write why you want to be an Author, in brief. We would like to have an idea. Also if you own a blog / website and it's address (link).

If you are approved, you will be intimated by mail.

What you do as an Author:
* You write on the issue that has come across you or you get assigned.
* You are the Author for that post completely, with the exception of Love Ladder.
* You spread the word about Love Ladder and it's concepts.

What you get:
* Every post you draft that is published will have your name on top with a link to your personal website/blog.
* You interact and take lead in the replies, comments etc.
* You get the credit for the smiles and happiness that was caused because of your initiation. This is a big thing according to us.
* You make more friends.

Remember - this is a non profitable, non commercial blog. Our intentions of having more Authors is only to have a wider reach in helping others and being a reason for more smiles in the world. There are no monetary benefits with this blog.

Let's give our bit in making the world a better place to live in. COME, LET'S BE THE REASON FOR THEIR SMILES.

Warm Regards,
Love Ladder.