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What the heck is Love, dude???

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The mystery of mysteries,
The history of histories,
The history of mysteries and
the mystery of history.

What is Love ? Wot the hell is it ?
Ya, a lot of people have written a lot of things about it but.....

Not a single explanation that satisfies the soul,
Not a single word that would make me - make love promote,
No reason that would make me sighhhh with a smile on my face..
and no sign to make me want to find it in haste.

What is love?? I don't want to be left untouched.

Is there anyone who can explain ??
Is this even real or merely a word to make people feel insane?


workhard said...

Honestly.. this is a beautiful post.. Really.. Im impressed Andy...Tough question though.. Love the poem

Anand said...

Hey Woookiee.... Thank so much. Ya, a tough que indeed.

Jyoti said...

beautiful... u left me speechless!

Anand said...

Jyoti........So sweet. Thanx.
I wish u had helped me with the answer to my question too though. ;-)

Tanvi said...

Beautiful poem Andy.

But honestly, We have never ever been able to describe or define an EMOTION, specially love. Because its a combination of what the heart sees, the eyes hear, the ears feel and the skin experiences. No..its not typo error. In love, the organs dont matter...coz they all become one. :)

Anand said...

Hey Tans.........Thanx. Well said. ;-)

Sakshi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sakshi said...

Ho ho so andy has this side too?? a future devdas in the making?

Well about Love ..hmmm..isn't it enough that it's the only thing without an explanation, no reason, a mystery yet when you find it you feel like you know the answer to everything? Love is the only thing that along with it brings in joy, pain and a 100 emotions. It's the only thing that can be felt by the heart and makes the brain go numb...lolz

Am bad at explaining love but all I can say is I know Love makes me happy and even after all these years being in Love ...I still blush at a slight loving glance from him...ahem...ahem...enough andy just consult me when you fall in love and will give you all my expert advice for free if you promise to give me enough writing space here wink wink

Anand said...

Sakshi....................Nahhh... Not gonna be devdas...not that stupid. Besides, getting jus one...is a toughie. :-)

Man, that's deep. Even so, ur not able to put ur finger on it precisely, r u??? Shucks. The search is on.

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

it's cute esp the 1st stanza. :)

thnx 4 ur visit.

take care :)

Nehal said...

really deep thoughts anand

for me love is when P writes a lovely testimonials in my orkut when I knowits so difficult for him to show his emotions in front of others. Love is when he gets up in front of a group of 100 people and points at me in that group and says I love you on the mic when I know he is very shy when on stage

oh i can go on and on

Anand said...

Preeti...........U thot it was cute?? Lol. Thanx.

Anand said...

Nehal..............Awwww man....isnt that sweet?
Maybe that is it. Who knows. :->

ARUNA said...

Andyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, when u'll fall in love.....i'm sure u'll no more write poems as ur life will b full of questions without answers....lol!!!
This is something which no one cud ever answer!
You'll not b left untouched once u r in love...i assure u that....lol again!
The word is real and it does make people insane...
but that is wat LOVE is all about, isn't it!!
Did u understand?????
I bet u didn't.....bcoz i didn't still!!!

Anonymous said...

No one's posted here for a long time. Lemme do this.


Opposite of Hate

One notch higher than Like. At times there is a conflict between love and like. Causes/creates confusion..

Classified into: maternal love, paternal, brotherly, sisterly, puppy, n many other which i probably would want to censor here.

A combination of like and lust.

Maybe a temporary or permanent state.

A combination of care, respect, adoration, sense.

The best medicine.

The worst wound.

I can go on and on - but gotta go.. will continue later..

Anand said...

Well said Anon. The best medicine and the worst wound.
Wish you had let know your name. Be around Love Ladder. You are welcome. :-)

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