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ADVICE - If you are a VISITOR. Your words could make a difference in somebody's life.

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If you just arrived from TWITTER - welcome to Love Ladder.
If you blipped yourself from some place else - you're still welcome.

Are you an emotional person or a logical thinker?
Do you think you are good with advices?
Are you a thinker / writer / Poet at heart?
Would you like the world to see your work?

Well, tell you what?
Why don't you add yourself to Loveladder Twitter or/and Blogger and allow us to give you space to write TEN super duper posts (we won't really be counting. wink*) on any of the following topics?
#Or any other topic that will basically be a great read as well as generally help people in some way.

Our Twitter Id - http://twitter.com/loveladder
Our Blogger link - http://loveladder.blogspot.com

What you get if you write on Love Ladder:
1. Free publicity. You get noticed in the Twitter and blogger world.
2. Each of your posts will contain, on the very top, direct links to your personal Twitter and Blogger ids. So people can congratulate you directly for a great writeup.
3. You make friends and fans.
4. You earn credibility. You get to advice people on their real issues that can help them in their need.
5. You take the lead in the comments section and talk to any and everybody who comments. That's unlimited.

What LoveLadder gets:
1. Opportunity to help people who need advice/help by having more people listening to and helping them. Please read "What is Loveladder all about?"
2. Opportunity to make friends.
3. Opportunity to know collective feelings of people.
4. Opportunity to show you off (as a kool content writer) to the world. Really. :-)
5. Pride in knowing that you write for us sometimes.

What can your posts contain ?
Your thoughts, your Poems.
your experiences / inspirations.
Your love life / sexual life.
How you helped somebody in need.
How you saw God and how you now preach.
How you were kidnapped by aliens and how they taught you to stop drinking.
Your bank account details (kidding. hehe) etc..etc.

you get the point, rite? Anything you like. Just make sure it's not too big. We want a post, not a sleeping pill. :-) There is NO PRESSURE to write the best or overdo anybody here. The idea is to write your heart.

Rules to be followed:
1. No posts on religion or politics allowed.
2. No racist posts allowed.
3. No posts already published elsewhere allowed, although a post you may have written in your own blog can be seen through.(Only 'help others in some way' kinda posts.)
4. No posts that point against any particular person, caste, creed, religion or behaviour allowed.
5. Loveladder reserves the right to edit a given post in case the post is not in proper English (grammatical errors) or un-understandable (sentence forming errors) or for any other reason whatsoever.
6. Loveladder reserves the right to deny publishing a post if it breaches any of the points above (except point 5).

How to send your posts to LoveLadder:
Through the box below:
1. Write your correct email address. This is how we will communicate back to you. We don't do the email selling crap. Isn't that already passe'?
2. The Subject space must have this line - "(your name)- New Post for LoveLadder"
3. In the content space, the first line must be...
"My Twitter id is - (Your twitter id) / My Blogger/Wordpress link - (Your BL/WP link)"
Post Title
and then your post....... !!
Simple !!

Lastly, Remember:
*There are no monetary benefits here. This is not a commercial blog.
*All posts submitted will take a period of 5 days to be online.
*All posts submitted will go under our scanner first to make sure the rules are followed.
*Loveladder reserves the right to edit or not publish any post without explanation or communication. (You may ask the reason privately though.)

Having said all that, if you think the way we see it...you stand to gain a long lasting friendship and credibility with a lot of people from around the world and that is way beyond anything money can ever buy.

Our Twitter Id - http://twitter.com/loveladder
Our Blogger link - http://loveladder.blogspot.com

Looking forward for your posts. Write on Cowboy and...uh..Cowgirl. ;-)
yours lovingly,
Love Ladder.

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