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Twitter helped raise millions for Haiti

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Love Ladder Prays for HAITI and urges it's visitors and followers to donate towards Haitian brothers and sisters.

If you had the chance, how would YOU individually help in such a situation???

How can YOU help Haiti???
Hop on to these sites and take your pic.
1. UNICEF - For non-US citizens
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The following is a news extract in part from - [http://indiatoday.intoday.in/site/Story/79460/LATEST%20HEADLINES/Twitter+helps+raise+millions+for+Haiti.html]

The Haitian earthquake on January 12 may be one of the worst in the last several decades in terms of the number of people killed, but it may also go down in history as a natural calamity where social networking played a vital role in the rescue and relief efforts. In less than 24 hours of the earthquake, Twitter and Facebook helped raise millions for the homeless and the injured people of Haiti.

The earthquake was massive - 7.0 on the Richter scale, with at least three million affected and unofficial estimates placing the number of deaths at close to one lakh.

In no time, Haitians and foreigners in Haiti uploaded thousands of photographs on Twitter using third-party applications such Twitpic.com and Tweetphoto.com to raise awareness of the extent of destruction caused by the earthquake. In fact, messages on Twitter and Facebook asking people to donate to the International Red Cross Society created such a buzz that the nonprofit body raised $5 million (approximately Rs 23 crore) in about 24 hours and at the time of going to press, more money was being generated.

Haitians who survived used Facebook's status updates to tell their families and friends abroad that they were safe.

Since both Facebook and Twitter are available on the cell phone, updating became so easy that Facebook had to block Haitians from repeating their status messages. On Twitter, too, the messages kept pouring in - every minute, close to 1,000 messages were being posted on Friday, three days after the earthquake. Close to 5,000 messages were being posted every minute on January 13.

Love Ladder applauds both Twitter and Facebook. Let us be little Twitter and FB extensions and do our part as well..as much as we can.

God bless those who extend a helping hand in such times of need !!!
May God help HAITI move up the ladder of stability and happiness asap.

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Imp's Mom said...

Its natural disasters like these which are more terrifying.

And then technology lends a huge helping hand making u totally heart it.

Prayers for Haiti.

Anand said...

Yep, technology does. Prayers on indeed. :-)

ankita mehta said...

Nature can be devastating too!!!! sincere prayers for the people of haiti!!

Anand said...

That's right Ankita. Prayers make a difference. Keep at it. Yours will be combined with the laks of others.
one common goal in majority sees it through.

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