ASK - If you are TROUBLED. Let site visitors answer with their unbiased opinion.

ADVICE - If you are a VISITOR. Your words could make a difference in somebody's life.

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What is 'Love Ladder' all about ??

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Love Ladder is all about YOU. As simple as that.

YOU seek advice / help by asking a personal question on the blog. The friendly readers and visitors to this blog answer your query and advice you on how to go about getting rid of the problem you face. Everybody single-mindedly tries to help you MOVE UP the ladder of happiness and love.

Anybody can ask and everybody can answer. No bars held.

In simple terms - You get practical answers, advices and support from the people of this world.

The question should predominantly be about 'love, sex and relationship'. But this is not a hard n' a fast rule. It could be about any thing in general and if the issue you face is causing you troubled days and sleepless nights....go ahead and ask. Make sure though that it is non-technical and general in nature.

# It could be regarding your girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband, neighbor..etc.
# It could be about a secret affair...
# Maybe some issue you face currently...
# Or something that is just too large for you to comprehend and you need someone else - complete strangers, to give you some idea on it.

A question straight from your heart.

While you pose your question (with a small GIST of an explanation) to the world, you have a choice to remain anonymous or reveal your identity in part or in whole. The extent of identity revelation would entirely be your choice. Love Ladder will neither ask nor reveal anyone's identity on the blog from it's end.

EVERYONE who visits this blog is invited to ASK their question (one question at one time only) or advice / suggest and help.

EVERYONE who visits this blog is invited to answer / advice / suggest / help the one who asks for it.

The communication between the individual asking the question and those answering would primarily be through COMMENTS. There is no limit to communication comments.

"Love Ladder" revolves around the idea and the fact that "It helps a great deal to have more heads than one trying to resolve a problem."
The chances of solving it increases according to the number of heads tackling it. Simple statistics !!

We hope the idea seems clear.

So, either CLICK HERE here to send your gist and the question to Love Ladder.... or write it out in the the FORM provided below for publishing it online.

As for me - the author of this blog - I'm quite excited and thrilled to know that I shall have a tiny little hand in bringing about smiles on people's faces. I believe being genuine and helping others in their time of need and knowing that it can help is the best possible salvation in our busy lives. :-)
Enjoy !!

Control Features :
'Love Ladder' reserves the right to deny access to participation or to the blog itself without any notice or communication - prior or otherwise if found engaging in any mis-conduct or activities that are inappropriate or against the law .
This is not a commercial blog !

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