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Are all guys heartless?

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[With help from Keymaker2k10 ]

Who doesn't have a heart? Who is an equivalent to a stone? What makes a person ruthless and why does a person switch the 'ignore' button on for some person?

Questions that have individualistic answers. Questions that are undefined, unanswered by the finest of the scientists of any age combined. A fact that clearly emerged though was that while men have brains that work in the logical way, independent of anything else, women have brains that work with the support of the heart.

Shruti wrote us a brief story of her want for someone that perhaps is a gist of the questions above. Her email was long. We tried making the long story short and yet it was a read. So have patience and read her woe. She wrote...

Sender's name : Shruti
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I have waited for a guy for almost 8 yrs now. 5 yrs ago I got an opportunity to tell him about what I feel for him. I started expecting a yes/no answer and one day I proposed to him. He said No and never called me after that.
Just 3 months later I called him up and asked him to forget everything else and at least continue being friends. He told me, “I don’t want to be friends with you-never ever”..n many other things like- “R u a beggar to beg for love n friendship?” He insulted me!! That was the day when I accepted the fact and moved on.

Suddenly, 3 months later, he comes to meet me with a gift asking many questions about my marriage plans to my family. I was perplexed and disgusted about this man. So I told him to get out.
Then I thought maybe he had started developing feelings for me, so I called him up and tried to apologize..but he wasn't interested in talking to me and it’s been countless years that I am just waiting and waiting for him. I have called him 10,000 times. LOVE is just a word. My feelings cannot be defined in words.

Just a week before I thought that maybe I should apply in the company where he works. But I got to know from one of his colleagues that he said "if she is waiting, let her wait. I DON’T CARE!!" Now this was a REAL SHOCK to me. After all what i gave him all these yrs was just love love n love and care ..care for his mom..worried for his mom..so much unconditional love and care that JUST CANNOT be defined in words..

What exactly should I do???? I want to get into his company. I want to get into a bigger company; to achieve and mark my own niche. I want to be THE NEXT POWERFUL LADY.. and I want to make him realize my worth.

Plzz everyone Its an earnest request..show me the way to my dreams, my aim. Tell me why guys disrespect Love? What is their mentality?? Will that time come when he'll realize my worth? Will he ever be sorry for the things he told to me and for me??

If you guys have ever loved someone plzz reply what exactly should I do?? Your motivation will give me a WAY.."

So you see? She wants to know a lot of things and she wants to know them straight. A clear case of a heartbreak. How do you mend a broken heart? Hmm..

Love Ladder Speak:
When there are a LOT of questions in mind, it's a given that all questions are born from one root cause 'nucleus question'. These questions, are therefore like a chain of balls attached to that one question. Once the root is answered, all others automatically fall into place.

Therefore, we will directly jump to the root cause question. Why did he ignore you?
Well, cause you are ignorant on playing the game of love, approach, proposal and tease when it comes to the opposite sex. You were either too fast, too hasty, too nice or too sticky. It doesn't work that way.

Well, it's been many years and as they say there are many fish in the pond. we understand that it will be difficult but we advice you to let the past be in the past, to forget him and move on. You will certainly find a good guy for yourself..provided you move on.
By your own words - we would like to see you as the next powerful lady. :)
Best of luck.
Love ladder.

People, we know the ladder of 'getting' a guy/gal. At least we think we do, don't we? Show Shruti how to climb the ladder of approach. Let's all help get her started.


ankita mehta said...

Only concentrate on three lines that you yourself wrote: "I want to get into a bigger company; to achieve and mark my own niche. I want to be THE NEXT POWERFUL LADY". That's it:)) No impressing anybody or whatever :) All the best:) Give a spanking on his bum and your first step towards becoming a strong lady will begin then and there:) Don't let any tom, dick and harry weaken your inner strengths:)

Rad said...

Why do you even bother with such guys? When you know he is ignoring you, why do you really have to go begging? Forget him and move on lady.
Ms Ankita, true. But sometimes you do have to choose between tom, dick and harry..cuz all r worse. you hv to choose the best from the worst.

Rad said...

Mr Love Ladder, I don't really know the 'ladder of 'getting' a guy'. Would you teach me too? :)
Good post and well written. I liked the way it's constructed.

ankita mehta said...

@Rad : Thanks for supporting my comment:) Btw, I meant that don't let anybody insult and belittle you for no fault of yours. And I am all up for what you wrote in the beginning : "Why do you even bother with such guys? When you know he is ignoring you, why do you really have to go begging? Forget him and move on lady."

Rad said...

Oh well, the person who needs support is up there. And I need support from Love guru. ;-> Who are these guys in Love Ladder? Any idea?

Anonymous said...


I completely understand what have been through. With regards to your problem, you have answered it yourself. Work towards your goal of becoming successful. Now about your boyfriend, he is just being a jerk. Not all guys will treat you the way he has. There is no going back to him.

True love exists, it really does. But not all of us are lucky to get true love in the first attempt.

You have to understand that he is your past. Don't compare him to the others.
Your dreams should be to your family, yourself. They will stand by you in troubled times.

Pick yourself up and treat him like a close chapter in your life.
You will find the answers in your heart and mind.

Hope this helps you in your quest for answers.

Anand said...

Shruti, being short and sweet, one can't go to the next step unless one can let go of the current one. Move on. Catch up on life.

Anand said...

@Rad, Love Ladder is not a person. Love Ladder is a concept that you seemingly liked. :)

Love Ladder said...

@Ankita, well said.

@Keymaker, thanx for your help and well said.

Anonymous said...

Shruti said....:
A big big thanks to Love ladder for publishing my story n let everyone know through what i am going..
Thanks a ton to Ankita, Rad, Keymaker.... your words have reallllllyyyyy helped me in a way to Move on and to just focus on my career..

One Thing i wanted to ask everyone..should i make a call to him and tell him "its enough" and whatever i feel?? because it will be only then that i can move on in real sense..until n unless i don't speak my mind to HIM ..i cant start up a new chapter be it in my personal life n professional..

So, Should i make him a call..?? A LAST CALL..

ankita mehta said...

Don't Don't make the call ever!! For silence speaks a thousand words:))))) Enjoy, party for you are free from the shackles of a man who does not even care!!! Silence, speech without words will be the last verdict for him:))))Go on, fly for you have the wings now:)) All the luck is at your disposal:) Amen..

Anonymous said...

i think more than the call, its your will power that will see you through this fog in your life.
if you want to make the call, go ahead but you have to make sure that you don't fall back to where you were.
i'm not saying that you shouldn't consider what ankita said, she s right too..
ultimately its your call, if you think that by making the call, you can move on, then do so.
it shouldn't be in your heart that you could have made that one call and feel bad about it later.
choose wisely..

Anonymous said...

Shruti said..:

Hmm..After going through what Ankita and Keymaker has said..I have decided not to give him a call becoz it will be useless.."Somethings are better when they are kept unsaid..unspoken!!"

Thanks a lot for giving me the direction..
Time for me to concentrate and work on making a gr8, successful career..

Love u guys:)

Anonymous said...

good call shruti..i wish the best for you..

Love Ladder said...

Best of luck Shruti. Love Ladder feels PROUD today that it could be of help to you. We are over joyed at the feeling that we could make someone smile.

All you guys - Feel proud. Go, have a beer and party. YOU made somebody smile through your unbiased advice and attention. It's a BIG deal according to us. YOU ALL ARE LOVE LADDER'S TRUE HEROES !!! :)

ankita mehta said...

Hey Good luck and good life ahead Shruti:)))

Shruti said...

Shruti said..:

Yes, I am smiling in real sense after 8 long years..I feel like am a free bird, I feel as if I woke up from a veryyyy long sleep..


Rad said...

Okay, thank you Love Ladder. :)
Btw, This chick really got the answer. I'm impressed.

Daisy said...

Shruti, never go after a guy who doesn't want you because it doesn't matter how much you try it's not gonna work. Stop thinking of him and get him out of your mind and heart. Because believe me a new one will come into your life. You might be thinking that he's the best one and you wont find anyone as him, that's a lie, there will be a much better one, someone who will romance you and make you feel special and loved. It doesn't matter how you look, what you will achieve, what profesional level you might reach you will never be good enough for a guy who is not interested in you, although when you find a guy who is interested in you he will like you for who you are and accept you as you are. So dont waste a previous time of your life for someone who will never become a part of it, let life give you a better one. I assure you he will come faster than you think. :) And once again he is not interested in you, DROP HIM!!!! Dont humiliate yourself becuase guys will never go after someone who's bagging for their attention.

Nehal said...

best of luck shruti and become THE NEXT POWERFUL LADY"

CATGIRL !! said...

i also write on r.ships n my heart goes out to thsi girl.. i really think she wwants to get into teh new company onlly to stay near to him..it can be ANY COMPANy..btu she want to be ther.e.n i reallly dun think that"3 months later he came wid a gift n started askign about her plans"..he was JUST FREE n wanted to pass some good tiem.. maybe he found another one

it was just a one-timer that he came..n tHANK GOD she dint give in...

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